About Justice David Evans

Proven Most Qualified:

  • Most Experienced – 12 yrs Elected Judge ending 2006
  • 343 Jury Trials, Not One Jury Charge or Verdict Reversed
  • Elected by 13 Civil District Judges as Presiding Judge
  • Elected by 39 District Judges as Local Admin. Dist. Judge
  • Editor-in-Chief Law Review
  • Many Appeals throughout Texas

Proven Conservative:

  • Constitution secures Declaration of Independence rights of equality, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
  • Not Legislate from the Bench
  • Elected Repub. Pct. Chair
  • Voted in more Republican Primaries and Runoffs
  • Endorsed by Ken Paxton, Jodie Laubenberg, Charlie O’Reilly, many, many others