Dear Colleague,

I need your support for my re-election to the Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 2.

As you know, I work hard, study the briefs and the appellate record, and follow the law. I do not legislate from the bench but apply the constitutions and statutes according to their plain meaning. For almost 18 years as a judge and now a justice on the court of appeals, I have ruled fairly and impartially for the side whose case was supported by the facts and the law.

I have contributed to the Fifth Court of Appeals by authoring approximately
700 opinions, including two opinions for the majority of the en banc Court. As for administrative responsibilities, at the request of the Chief Justice, I and another justice have overseen the renovation of the Merrill Harman Courtroom for en banc and panel appellate arguments and trials of significant cases. I served for 12 years as a civil trial judge where I presided over 343 jury trials to verdict. I wrote each jury charge and was not reversed on charge error. As a trial judge, I was the principal drafter of five statutes the Legislature passed to reform abusive litigation tactics (Tex. Civ. PraC. rem. Code§§ 30.016, -.017), and adjust the jurisdiction of the county courts at law (Tex. GovT. Code§§ 25.0592(a), (c), (d); § 25.05939(a)). The 39 district judges elected me to serve as Local Administrative District Judge overseeing for the judiciary the construction of the George Allen Courthouse Tower.

ABOTA-Dallas awarded me Trial Judge of the Year 2005 and Dallas Bar Association’s DVAP program awarded me 2002 Outstanding Judicial Pro Bono Services. I am a Master of the Bench in The William “Mac” Taylor American Inn of Court. I have served our community on the Dallas County Juvenile Board and Dallas County Juvenile Justice Charter School Board and currently I serve on the Board of Audubon-Dallas.

I believe I contribute significantly to our Court and now I need your significant help for my re-election campaign.  Please consider using the forms below to endorse or volunteer to help my re-election campaign or download, complete, and mail the Reply Card here.






David Evans, Justice

Fifth District Court of Appeals



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