From Justice David Evans

From Justice David Evans

Dear Voter,

Thank you for considering voting to re-elect me to the Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 2.  I urge you to vote for me for these reasons.

I am a conservative justice with a proven record of judicial experience.  I believe that all people are created equal and are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Constitution should be interpreted the way the Founders intended its meaning.  The Founders made it possible, but difficult, to amend the Constitution only when there is overwhelming support of the governed (not the government—not amended by the opinion of judges).  Based on the separation of powers in Constitutions of the United States and Texas, I believe judges should not legislate from the bench, because that usurps the constitutional power of the legislature.  I proved I did not legislate from the bench many times.  I think the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are the most eloquent and exceptional political statements ever written.

I have more judicial experience than anyone else in this race.  As an elected justice on the court of appeals, I have decided many hundreds of cases and written hundreds of opinions applying the constitutions, statutes, and contracts of parties according to the ordinary meaning of the words. As an elected trial judge for 12 years, I tried 343 civil jury trials to verdict personally writing the jury charges for each trial, none of which trials or jury charges was reversed on appeal.  I demonstrated my ability to wisely solve problems facing the law and the public when I drafted five statutes, two of which stopped abusive procedural practices and all of which the Legislature saw fit to enact as law.  I worked hard to streamline the court system cutting through bureaucratic rules and court practices in order to save costs and connect the public and taxpayers with our courts through advancing technology in the courts. I ran my court so fiscally conservatively that the Commissioners Court allowed the accrued savings of my one court to be used as the source of funding for desktop computers and network servers for the thirteen civil district courts and associated judicial staff in Dallas County with no increase in budget or taxes.  I was elected by the thirteen civil district judges as their Presiding Judge in 2003.  The thirty-nine district judges in Dallas County elected me as the Local Administrative District Judge.  I ran that position so fiscally conservatively that Commissioners Court allowed the accrued savings to be the source of funding for desktop computers and network servers for all thirty-nine district courts and their associated judicial staff.  I have the judicial experience to work with other judges which is necessary to serve on the court of appeals in panels of three judges.

I have achieved a level of excellence in the law making me the best qualified to serves as justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals.  I was editor-in-chief of the law journal during law school which involved editing legal papers and managing the journal.  Later as a trial judge the lawyers of the Dallas Bar Association rated me very highly.  In fact, the American Board of Trial Advocates – Dallas selected me as the Trial Judge of the Year 2005.  The Dallas Bar Association and Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program selected me for the award for 2002 Outstanding Judicial Pro Bono Services for my voluntary service during evenings presiding over poverty cases in which the lawyers serve pro bono (for free).  I have lectured and delivered papers to lawyers and judges.

I served as a Republican Precinct Chair in Dallas County before I was elected in the Republican Primaries as Judge of County Court at Law No. 1 of Dallas County (1995-1998), Judge of the 193rd Judicial District Court, Dallas County (1999-2006), and Justice Place 2 of the Fifth Court of Appeals (2013—present).  I studied Greek and Hebrew at Dallas Theological Seminary, and then graduated from SMU School of Law in 1984.  My wife and I are members of and attend a local church near where we live.  I am a life member of the NRA and a life member of the TSRA.  I enthusiastically hunt, hike and camp with my wife.  My wife, Diane and I have been married 41 years and together we have two adult children.

I served the community as a member of the Dallas County Juvenile Board (2004 – 2006) and also as a member of the Dallas County Juvenile Justice Charter School Board (2004 – 2006). I also volunteered for weekend service for National Adoption Day to preside over adoptions.  I have also served the community by volunteering as a Member of the Board of Directors of Audubon—Dallas and as a Trail Steward through Audubon-Dallas to maintain two trails at the City of Dallas’ park called Cedar Ridge Preserve at no cost to taxpayers.

As a voter, you can be proud to vote for me. I run on my proven record of service as a highly rated and conservative judge.  You have my commitment that I will work hard for all the citizens of Collin, Dallas, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, and Rockwall Counties; that I will be fair and impartial; and that I will not legislate from the bench.

I appreciate your consideration for this important judicial position!


David Evans